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Ultra Violet Sterilization, Purifier, Disinfection Directory,
* A Directory of Resources for UV Sterilizers, Sterilization, Irradiation, and Replacement Bulbs for use in Aquariums and Ponds.
* Resources for other UVC uses such as Home and Business Air Purifiers & Surface Disease Pathogen Disinfection

Why use an Ultraviolet Sterilizer

Updated 5/7/14

*Ultra violet sterilization is one of the most effective means of controlling algae in ponds and is also effective at disease prevention in aquariums (marine and freshwater) and ponds and not just by means of sterilization, but by the action of UVC light irradiation upon oxidizers in the water column that would otherwise lower fish immunity (thus providing a more balanced Redox.
*UVC is used in home/business air purifiers, sterilization wands (that take the place of harmful chemicals).
*As well more is being proven about the use of UVC in blood treatments of humans to act in a similar way as an antioxidant, to which this has many implications for use in fish and other veterinary purposes.

Here are several UV Sterilization Information Resource Sites:

UV Sterilizer Directory, Reviews, Information
Aquarium and Pond UV Sterilization; How UVC Sterilization works

* UV Sterilization Basics
* What is a quality UV Sterilization Unit
* What size UV Sterilizer is best
* UV Sterilizer Maintenance (such as quartz sleeve cleaning).
* Facts (and falsehoods) about UVC sterilization
* In Depth information about UVC and how it works
* UVC Penetration
* Miscellaneous Ultra Violet information
* Rebuttal to a false article about UV Sterilizers in aquariums.
* UV Installation Video

Aquarium and Pond UV Sterilizer Reviews
* Blog articles (posts), comments, and links to even more Information about how UV (UVC) Sterilization works in aquariums and ponds.
This is a great site to check regularly for new posts.

Here are just a few of the articles/posts from this excellent UV Sterilizer Review/Resource Website:
* Turbo Twist UV Sterilizer Review
* Green Pond UV Clarifier
* Fish Immune System and UV Sterilization
* Pond UV Sterilizers vs. Aquarium UV Sterilizers; is there a difference?
* UV (UVC) lamps (bubs) used in Aquariums and Ponds and how they work
* UV Sterilizers Gimmicks; Twists, Baffles, Aqua Wipers
* Internal UV Sterilizer Filter, Pump
* Potential UV Sterilizer Problems, Equipment to Avoid such as Cal Pump UV
* Green Killing Machine, Submariner UV Review

Aquarium/Pond UV Sterilizer Diagrams
Excellent graphs and diagrams to better explain UV Sterilization as well installation diagrams as well.

UVC Replacement Bulb Reference Guide
UV Sterilizer Directory, Review, true UVC bulb reviews
This is an excellent and growing resource for often hard to match references for many different UVC lamps. This guide is arranged in alphabetical order by manufacturer of the UV Sterilizer/Clarifier/Unit such as these examples:
* Germ-Guardian 9 Watt UV Bulbs .
And the difficult to find:
* PUVLF285, A20015, 15 Watt UV Bulbs &
* PUVLF215, A20010, 15 Watt UV Bulbs

Here is the original home page of this site as well:
Aquatic Information & Supplies

Penn State Dept. of Architectural Engineering; Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation
Excellent Information as per the use of UVC radiation for home, office, School and hospital air purification

UV Sterilizations Basics
A good site for a basic overview of UV Sterilization as it applies to Aquariums.

UV Radiation
A very interesting educational site that explains Atmospheric Physics; uva, uvb, uvc, and ozone.

Radioactivity; Ultraviolet Radiation
A simple to understand site dealing with radiation, in particular UVA and UVB radiation

Factors to be considered in water or liquid purification
Ultraviolet Radiation

Interesting site with information about microwatt-seconds per square centimeter of UVC Radiation, which is a product of energy, time, and area. There are a few helpful tables as well (such as Technical Data on High Intensity Mercury Vapor Ultraviolet Bulbs Use for Air and Water Purification)

Here are four simple but EXCELLENT Reviews:
* Aqua Ultraviolet versus TMC UV Sterilizers, Reef Central
* Hang On UV Filter Review
* Aquarium & Pond UV Sterilizer Review
* Are UV Sterilizers Good for an Aquarium?


Use of UVC for Home or Office Air Purification

Basics of UVC for killing mold spores
A useful table expressing microwatts per square centimeter necessary to kill specific mold spores

Sterilization and Disinfection
A related site that sections such as includes: *Eliminating Microbes, *Specific Chemical Antimicrobials, *More

An unique device for household use to stop the spread of disease pathogens is the:
Pocket Purifier - The Purely Pocket Purifier destroys household bacteria and viruses using UVC light energy and NO harmful chemicals.


4 pin PUVLF288PPD UV replacement lamp, for Aqua, Gamma BioZone makes several popular UVC air purifiers such as the 100 Home Air Purifier; 3000, 4000, & 5000 Office & Home Air Purifier; Induct 1500 & 2500 Air Duct Air Purifier; 300FS & 400FS Food Service Air Purifier; & the 200R Restroom Deodorizer & Air Purifier.
The T-5 #PUVLF210, four pin 10 Watt L Series UV Bulb above fits these popular purifiers.
Other popular home air purifiers include the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze which requires the G15T8 15 watt UV replacement bulb ; as well as the CaluTech Air Purifiers of which the two most popular models require the CaluTech 18 Watt UV Bulb or the CaluTech 36 Watt UV Bulb .


A Clear Pond Pond Information

This unique pond information site provides up to date resources and information not found on many other pond sites, including to links to Veggie Filters and Pond Algae sites. Of importance to readers here, this site gives UV Sterilizer/Clarifier installation information that is first rate.

Aquarium Lighting Help
Although not about UV/UVC Sterilization, it is a related subject in a fast growing segment of technology.
This IS the internet's premier source for researched aquatic lighting information; from Kelvins, PAR, Lumens, to lighting types (such as MH, LED , SHO, T5) and MUCH more.


YouTube UV Sterilization Installation Video (for a non traditional use with a power head or internal power filter)